• По вторникам мы дарим 1 массаж гостям, заказавшим комплексную программу

    длительностью 1,5 часа. Предложение действует с 10 до 18 часов.

  • Сегодня действует скидка 500 рублей на программу из 4 видов массажа

    Стоимость программы с 10 до 18 часов - всего 3 500 рублей.

  • В четверг с 10 до 17 часов, каждому гостю мы дарим программу душ-коктейль

    в дополнение к любой программе эротического массажа.

  • Заказывая сегодня программу на 2 часа, Вы получаете 1 массаж в подарок!

    Предложение действует с 10 до 16 часов, не пропустите!

  • Сегодня с 10 до 16 часов, каждому заказавшему 2 часа эротического массажа

    мы дарим 1 дополнительный вид массажа в программу!

  • В воскресенье мы дарим Вам 1 вид массажа в дополнение к любой программе!

    Спешите успеть к нам с 10 до 18 часов!

  • В понедельник мы дарим 15 минут эротического массажа

    в дополнение к любой программе с 10 до 17 часов.


We keep up the genuine massage culture.

Edem Club is not a usual massage office.
We have raised the work with a physical cover to the degree of the most subtle art. Properly executed massage will give you a feeling of complete relaxation and serenity. The rest in our luxurious apartments accompanied by some charming masseurs will certainly adorn the already pleasant sensations.
Only personal experience will let you appreciate our salon at its true worth.
We welcome our guests any time (day and night).
Phone: +7(495)518-14-56

It is beautiful and convenient there. We love our guests! While you are having your treat, a cocktail or a cup of Tibetan medicinal tea, you can rest in one of the chairs or on the couch.

Maximum pleasure in the shortest time.

The most demanding visitors will be completely satisfied in the elite salon of erotic massage in Moscow. We have succeeded in answering the status being concerned about every detail. Interior style, masseuses’ professionalism and beverages’ quality are all at the highest level.
We offer various types of massage - from erotic to medical. The qualification of our specialists in each of them will not disappoint you.

Through pleasures to spiritual integrity.

Oriental Orthodox dogma states that spiritual integrity and physical health can be achieved by implementing the most cherished desires only. The failure of the implementing process may lead to a psychic balance violation. Therefore, a few thousand years ago, in the East, people learned to draw energy, getting pleasure from the skillful hands of masseuses. In our salon you will enjoy quite reasonable prices. In case the acquisition of integrity through the execution of cherished desires can be measured in money.

What can be compared with a massage by the number of healing properties?

Massage motherland is Ancient China. There people believed that this magical acts were taught by Buddha himself. In the East, long before new era, people applied massage as a method of treatment and preventive tool to a huge number of illnesses, for physical and mental relaxation, and also for various pleasures. Few things can match the many-sidedness of the massage affect.
Now that the application of all these Eastern teachings became available, a sin is not to use the legacy of millennia of wisdom and not experience the miraculous manifestations of the power of touch. The main feature of our salon is the widest range of massage types, containing ancient erotic traditions of the East. Despite this, we do not forget about other methods that can give a rest to your body, relaxing nerves and charging you with vital energy.

Here are some types of massage, which you can enjoy with us:

  • Sakura Branch Massage
  • Classical Massage
  • ‘Muladkhara’ Massage
  • Thai Emperor’s Massage
  • Massage for Couples
  • Thai Body-Massage
  • ‘Jade Cane’ Massage
  • Bali Feet Massage

Having taken any of these sessions with our charming girls, you may want to become our permanent guest, because you will leave us cheerful, happy and full of energy.

For your convenience, our massage salon in Moscow has a separate entrance and parking. The apartments are luxury decorated.
There is always a good treat for our guests. You can choose a glass of wine, a cup of tea, coffee or a Tibetan herbal beverage that tones up. We can offer connoisseurs and gourmets a decoction, Tibetan herbal teas and Russian brose. You can also take part in the Japanese tea ceremony, or take a hookah.

To regain the energy spent during the working days, restore vitality and remove the stress you do not need to make a trip to a resort. You will receive no less moral and physical satisfaction with us. All the secrets of various types of massage are subject to our skilled masseuse.

  • м. Белорусская

    8 (495) 518-14-56

    8 (495) 518-24-56

  • м. Савеловская

    8 (495) 518-27-21